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People celebrating on Palm SundayBethesda is a place where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, wherever they might find themselves in life; however they might describe their faith or the lack of it.

We are a congregation seeking to follow the way of Jesus.

We ask questions and wonder at answers, deepening our understanding of the call to discipleship through worship, learning together and nurturing faith.

Things that matter for many of us include:

The desire to help create a different kind of world where gift and grace, community and dignity, worth and beauty drive our purpose and reason for living.

To care for the earth. We seek to be committed to challenging injustice both locally and globally; working for the preservation and fair distribution of the earth’s resources.

To seek a world where the weak, the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised, are treated with equality, respect and care.

We are a community of people who affirm God’s creation of diverse human identities, including ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

We are on a journey of faith. Come and join us.