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When the blessing has been said and all those people gather up their bags and benedictions, Missio Dei
When the lights are flicked off and the key codes punched and the slam of the door says it is finished, and so much is yet unfinished
When the school bags are packed with love, exasperation and hasty homework and tiredness rises from the toes because tomorrow is another day, yet another day
When everything’s a mess, there are no deals or answers, no full stops, no signing off, no completed business.
When the restless city turns over in its sleep, drawing the blanket of night under its chin,
Maybe even so we can remember for one breath, for one deep breath, we are not alone, we are never alone
And relinquish all the holding on and holding out for being held
For even so God is with us,
Yes, even so God is surely with us.