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Every twelve months or so, the church organises a weekend away, an opportunity to relax, learn together and enjoy being in community.

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Waterfall at Lindors

Waterfall at Lindors

The church family weekend 19th to 21st May 2017

The Place
Lindors Country House Hotel.
This is one of the Christian Guild hotels tucked away in the heart of the Forest of Dean in stunning countryside. The hotel has excellent food and facilities including a heated indoor swimming pool and most importantly a relaxed calm and comfortable atmosphere. There is also opportunity to meet, talk, eat and share together in worship with Christians from other parts of the country.

The Theme for the weekend
‘Made in the image of…’ was the theme for us all to contemplate.

The weekend programme
The four structured sessions explored the nature and character of the God in whose image we are made. In particular, we paid attention to the Trinitarian dance, the ‘perichroresis’ – God as the dancer and the dance itself; a dance in which we are invited to take part. We spent some time with the famous icon by Andre Rublev and explored the idea that we are made in the image of relationship.

Walks through nature, and invitations to creative writing or drawing made up another session. Morning and evening prayer held each day. On the Saturday afternoon we had some free time to relax, swim, visit local interests or even to sleep. In the evening we were treated to a fantastic quiz.

The weekend concluded with a service of Holy Communion.

One of the poems written in response to the weekend’s theme:


Chirp, sweet chirp, the songbirds sing in the evening air;

He is there.

Green, purple, pink the flowering glory shines;

Enjoy creation’s signs.

Rustle, rustle, creak the trees whisper and sigh;

She is up high.

Food, fellowship, coffee and a good old natter;

God is in the chatter.

Fresh air, rhododendron, tickling smells so sweet;

Jesus we meet.

Sunshine, rain clouds, wind, create a blossom shower;

Feel the Spirit’s power.

Seasons change, the three in one still dance;

Earth’s only chance.

River, stream, lake and a burbling brook;

God makes us look.

Reflections in the mirror of life, what do we see?

The Blessed One, in you and me.

Brian Gibb