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Prayer for the week


This I know:

My life is in your hands.

I have nothing to fear.


I stop,




Beneath the whirl of what is

is a deep down quiet place.

You beckon me to tarry there.


This is the place

where unnamed hungers

are fed, the place

of clear water,



My sense stilled,

I drink deeply,

at home

in timeless territory.


In peril, I remember:

Death’s dark vale holds no menace.

I lean into you;

Your eternal presence comforts me.

I am held tenderly.


In the midst of all that troubles,

that threatens and diminishes,

You set abundance before me.

You lift my head; my vision clears.

The blessing cup overflows.


This I know:

You are my home and my hope,

my strength and my solace,

and so shall You ever be.


© Carla A Grosch-Miller Psalms Redux (2014)