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bethesda_6-qprThis page describes our pre-pandemic pattern of worship. Please check our notices for worship during the pandemic and for our latest plans for re-opening our building.

Our main Sunday service is at 10.30 am. We begin worship together as a church community and then the children and young people spend time in Junior Church. There is a creche for the very youngest. Our worship is inclusive, drawing on a broad spectrum of traditions and expression, combining liturgy, world music, the arts, and with preaching at its heart.

Holy Communion is usually celebrated on the second Sunday of the month. Jesus welcomes everyone to his table and so we offer bread and wine to everyone, without exception. Children are welcomed to participate fully in this service.

There is a 6 pm service once a month. This generally takes the form of either Holy Communion or Café Church.

Pick ‘n’ Mix Services which are for all ages, generally take place on the last Sunday of the month and start at 9 am. Various activities are offered, followed by breakfast and a service which incorporates the group work. Learn ‘n’ Live is an all age Sunday School available on occasional Sundays at 9am.

Please see our weekly notices for details of current services.


From its earliest days, the Church has believed that Baptism was given by Jesus to indicate the start of the journey with God, and as the means of initiation into the Christian community. This involves the support and encouragement of other members of that community and so Baptisms take place at Bethesda in a service of public worship.

Baptism shows the love of God for all people, revealed through the life and love, the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. It is an occasion of great meaning and joy.

The Methodist Church welcomes for Baptism people of all ages, from babes in arms to adults who find faith.

If you would like to talk to the minister about Baptism please make contact through the Contact page on the website.


Getting married in a Christian context involves an act of worship at which legal and solemn promises are made between two people before God. It is also of course, a wonderful celebration of love and shared life, witnessed by family and friends.

The Methodist Church celebrates and affirms the love shared between opposite sex and same sex couples.

If you would like to find out about getting married at Bethesda, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please make contact with the minister through the Contact page on the website.


From love we came and to love we return. Christians believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ give them hope and cause for thanksgiving in the face of death. In this faith, we entrust those who have died to the never-ending love of God.

When a loved one dies, some families choose to have a short service and Committal at the crematorium or cemetery first and if they desire, a service of thanksgiving at the church. Others choose a funeral service at church followed by the Committal at the crematorium or cemetery.

If you wish to talk with the minister about funeral arrangements through Bethesda Methodist Church, please make enquiries via the Contact page on the website.