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Weekly thought and prayer for 9 June 2021

G7 Nations Inject US$190 Billion into Fossil Fuels

As the UK prepares to host the G7 Summit, a new report from Tear Fund reveals how G7 nations have – so far – missed major opportunities to green their response to Covid-19. The analysis finds that G7 countries’ energy-intensive investments since the start of the pandemic are at odds with the G7’s own net-zero targets, and with the steep decline in emissions needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

The report recommends that the G7:

  • Adopt a ‘do-no-harm’ principle by ending any support to the production of fossil fuels and by attaching significant ‘green strings’ to any remaining support to fossil fuel intensive sectors
  • Dedicate a minimum of 40 per cent of total Covid-19 recovery spending to green policies and measures (the current figure is 22%, according to the Global Recovery Observatory)
  • Enable a green recovery for all by continuing to ease the debt burden faced by a rising number of low- and middle-income countries, by doubling climate finance pledges, ending overseas finance to fossil fuels, and by using the G7’s influence on multilateral development banks to align their activities with the Paris Climate Agreement

You can access the full report here:

There are many ways we can tackle the climate emergency. One of them is prayer, so let us pray for the G7 leaders as they meeting in Cornwall this weekend.

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