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Prayer for the week

What is prayer?

Different people would answer this question in different ways and no one way is ‘right.’

Life is prayer, seeing, touching, sensing… silence… speaking… our souls resonating with the rhythm of creation.

Prayer takes many forms.



Weekly thought and prayer for August 2021

Although this is a weekly thought and prayer, during August many contributors are on holidays, so we have just one for the month.

The word “holiday”, as you probably know, has its etymological roots in the Old English for “Holy Day”. A holiday was a break from the every day routine to celebrate a particular feast such as Easter or Christmas, but over time its meaning changed to mean simply a day off. Within the Orthodox and Catholic Christian transitions every day is marked as the saints day for several saints. In that sense, every day is a Holy Day. Every day is an opportunity for us to be channels of God’s love to the world around us.

A Prayer

Holy God,
help us to make each day a “Holy Day”,
to see your beauty in others
to appreciate the wonder of your creation
to serve others as you would yourself.
Empower us through your Holy Spirit
so that we may become channels of your love to the world around us.