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Weekly thought and prayer for 21 April 2021

Hope still springs eternal!

“Hope springs eternal” was the theme of my Thought for the Day last year and ironically was the same date (albeit on a Tuesday). Revisiting it has reminded me of events that happened a year ago and it is hard to believe that it is that long ago! I have edited the original and represented a section below. What has changed is the hope for a better future managing Covid now, as so many adults have been vaccinated, at least once, and many from our congregation have now had their second vaccination. As we grapple with what we can now do and emerge like the butterfly from its cocoon, mindful that these are Government dates, which the virus is not answerable to! I have heard of delighted grandparents finally meeting up with their families and others meeting friends outside of their bubble. How odd it feels to have this freedom, yet I do not feel at ease without my mask on. I noticed, while queueing to go into the bank yesterday, how few wear a mask outdoors, even though the streets were busy. Perhaps it is a good thing that I am a little reticent to rush in as they say “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”, although the analogy of an angel is far from the truth in my case!

Hope and of course faith are what sustains us when faced with some of life’s challenges. We are reminded of God’s promise, a sign of hope to Noah through the lovely array of the rainbow as seen in pictures of support for the NHS and indeed on my Facebook moniker announcing “I have had the Covid Vaccination”. The message of Easter is one of hope, the resurrected Christ is our sign that the relationship between man and God has been restored through the atonement of Christ. I thought of this when watching Jesus Christ Superstar, which can seem without hope, for those unfamiliar with the Gospel account, as the musical becomes dark and sombre (spoiler alert!) leading to the crucifixion. Throughout the Bible people faced enormous challenges, none more so than Moses as he stood in front of the Red Sea, his people terrified; behind them the Egyptians hunting them down and certain death staring at them as thy faced the sea. I must admit to being an optimist as I look for the positives and hope for the best. What would I have done in the place of Moses? Who knows but I would like to think I would have talked my way out of that one!

Let us share hope in our community, it is not rationed! Hope springs eternal and we have the time to enjoy the little things in life we take for granted. Perhaps missing from the Beatitudes is “Blessed are the hopeful for they will overcome!”.

A Prayer

Lord in whom we trust,
grant us your love and care in times of adversity,
help us to hold onto hope,
so we can continue to enjoy life,
strengthen our faith,
regardless of what the future holds.